Living a Healthy Gluten Free Lifestyle

Research leads to some tasty gluten-free ingredients – Chicago Daily Herald   July 2, 2015  No Comments

A wrist fracture early this spring kept Annie Overboe sidelined from her oven for a few months. But, this offered an opportunity for her to delve into a hot topic: baking with gluten-free flours and ingredient additives.

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This article discusses one of my favorite gluten free flour blends.… Read Full Post

4th of July Special- Eton Mess

Today I have a very special Fourth of July treat for you. I am making a traditional English dessert called Eton Mess and making it American for Fourth of July.  It’s a very simple yet decadent dessert with whipped cream, berries and meringues.  … Read Full Post

Amazing Health Benefits of Turmeric

Everything you need to know about the inflammation-fighting superfood—and how to get more of the spice into your life.

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I’ve been hearing more and more about Turmeric and the benefits of adding it to your diet.… Read Full Post

Gluten Free Parmesan Chicken

This week I have Part 2- Gluten Free Parmesan Chicken of my Italian Feast Series featuring my step-daughter Aubrey. Part 1 was Shrimp and Pea Risotto, please check it out if you missed it.  This is also Aubrey’s recipe, but we used Glutino Bread Crumbs in the place of regular gluten-full breadcrumbs.  … Read Full Post

5 ways get more fiber while eating gluten-free

“A downside to going gluten-free is that you may not be getting enough fiber in the foods you eat. Fiber is important because it provides a host of benefits that promote healthy heart, digestion, blood sugar, weight control and more.”

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Getting enough fiber can be a challenge when you are gluten free.  … Read Full Post