Living a Healthy Gluten Free Lifestyle

Raspberry Mojito- My Favorite Summer Drink

This week I am making my favorite summertime drink, a Raspberry Mojito. I had this drink as a signature cocktail at a cocktail party I hosted and  it definitely was a great hit.  You can make a pitcher of it beforehand and then just add the club soda as you serve each glass. … Read Full Post

Is a Gluten Free Diet Just a Fad?

“When I ask if adopting a gluten-free diet can help someone lose weight, Fasano laughs. “If you go on a gluten-free diet, taking substitutes like gluten-free beer, pasta, cookies and so on, if anything you gain weight. If you take a regular cookie, it’s 70 calories.… Read Full Post

Gluten Free Pastry How-To with ReMixed Bakery

This week I have Dana Lieverman from Remixed Bakery here in Los Angeles on my YouTube show.  I first found out about Dana and her wonderful treats on Instagram, well I can say that her treats taste as good as they look. … Read Full Post

A Gluten Free Diet Based on Whole Foods

Eating a healthy, gluten-free diet did not have to be difficult. Here’s what I’ve learned through this process.

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My diet primarily consists of whole foods.  The article from One Green Planet outlines some easy to follow guidelines for planning your gluten free meals.  … Read Full Post

Blueberry Crisp- In Honor of National Blueberry Month

Happy National Blueberry Month! In its honor, I’m making a Blueberry Crisp. This is a crisp rather than a cobbler, because the crust is crispy instead of doughy or biscuit-like.

This takes me back to my childhood. Berry crisps/ cobblers have always been one of my favorite desserts.… Read Full Post